Guaynabo “The Sports Capital”

Guaynabo, our “Five star city”, takes sports and recreation very seriously. The city’s professional and superior team, the Mets, represents Guaynabo in a variety of sports, such as basketball, volleyball and Double AA baseball. In addition, the program reaches to all the communities through the coordination of numerous activities and sports for all ages.

Our main objective is to foster in our children, young people and adults, the interest and skills in a number of sports through various programs, tournaments, sports and health clinics, training seminars for volunteer leaders and support for Community initiatives so that they can use their leisure time for their overall development.

Sports Complex

13 Baseball Parks
13 Softball Parks
22 Enclosed Courts
6 Tennis Courts
50 Parks
70 Basketball Courts
70 Volleyball Courts

The maintenance and preservation of all the recreational and sports facilities in our municipal jurisdiction is essential for the fulfilment of this objective.

Athletic League

The Athletic League Program was created to promote the development and well-being of the children and young people between the ages of 5 and 17 years, who learn different recreational and sports skills, discipline, responsibility, respect for the law and others; they receive guidance on health, culture, historical sites and participate in various social activities. The program has a 15,000 square feet modern facility.


Puerto Rico Sports Museum

The Sports Museum immortalizes the most distinguished athletes who have contributed to the development of sports in Puerto Rico. It contains one of the most comprehensive collections on Puerto Rican and Caribbean athletes. It is located in the Frailes Sports Complex, which can be accessed through the Bulevar del Deporte (Sports Boulevard). The museum is considered to be among the top five sports museums in the world. Life size statues of renowned athletes are the main attraction.
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Museo Del Deporte Guaynabo


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