Hato Nuevo “La Chorra de Salomé”


Represents hope and the greenery of the mountains


It symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment.


Represents water.


Represents purity.


It symbolizes the water flowing freely.


Each circle represents a person and the ties that all the people had to the area.


They represent hands joined together.



Sculptor: María E. Perales

Salomé was a very special lady. Her house, nestled in the old road and mounted above rustic columns, was open to everyone. She was the kind of person who would grieve everyone’s death.

Although she could have been the main figure of the neighborhood for many reasons, she was mostly known for having a stream of water that flowed from beneath her home. It was a strange natural phenomenon that came to be known as “The Salomé Chorra”. The water of the stream was used by the residents for many years. Filling up a five or ten gallons tin took about eight to ten minutes, time that the residents would spend chatting, joking, or even arguing. If Salome noticed any type of problem she would glance out the window and peacefully end it for good.

The Salome stream should have been kept as a sanctuary but was swept by the progress and the developments. The water company brought water to the residents through their aqueduct and the stream was abandoned. Later on, housing developments covered the entire area and the stream became extinct just like its owner, Salome. When she passed away everyone in the neighborhood grieved.

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