Guaynabo: an ideal place to have a great time

Guaynabo has a number of cafes, restaurants, outdoor plazas, fashion stores, traditional kiosks in the Tablado del Rio (an entertainment area), well known food trucks and many other attractions for visitors and tourists.

For nature lovers, Guaynabo’s main family and tourist attraction, La Marquesa Forest Park, is the ideal place for a picnic or a family outing. This ecological gem has numerous recreational facilities and easily competes with the most notable parks of its kind in America.

Guaynabo is a charming and pristine city. In the main town visitors can stroll through the streets that lead to the municipal government complex as well as their majestic recreational plaza, highlighted by one of the oldest churches in the country. There is also an artistic square which displays a collection of pieces inspired by the ten districts of Guaynabo made by renowned Puerto Rican artists.

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