Guaynabo cares about the environment

The environment is one of the priorities of the municipality of Guaynabo. The city provides the resources necessary to fulfil its commitment to the conservation and development of the environment. This duty is carried out with the support of citizens as well as private businesses. One of the most important responsibilities is the protection of the city’s two “green lungs”: La Marquesa Forest Park and the rustic soil found at the Guaraguao district. In addition, the city is well maintained and even runs a successful recycling program of all materials suitable for this process. Under the slogan “Think Green / Act Green “, the city requires the development of a natural landscape or an eco-roof for each public construction project. Also, we offer lectures to students on how to plant and care for their natural environment, because we believe that protecting the environment concerns all of us.

Guaynabo Reciclaje

Environmental Protection Programs


A successful program implemented in residential and commercial areas.


This program is in charge of protection all public gardens and green areas of the city.

Environmental Control

This program is in charge of disposing of all solid waste generated in the jurisdiction of Guaynabo and keeping the city clean.

The three programs are very successful and have been appraised by our residents as well as state and federal agencies, and private entities.

Guaynabo leads in Recycling

The recycling program in our city recycles 48 percent of all kinds of plant material, solid waste and metals. After a monumental community door to door effort, residents learned about recyclable waste and the city succeeded in establishing the program. Annually, the program recovers about 9,000 tons of recycled material in its more than 160 stations distributed among condominiums, shops and residential areas. Guaynabo has its own plant for processing the recyclable material.


Why recycle?

  • Saving money
  • Recycling generates jobs
  • Recycling helps to eliminate landfill
  • Saves energy and water
  • Reduces pollution
  • Protects the environment

What do we recycle?

  • Paper
  • Plastic Type 1 and 2
  • Aluminum
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Books
  • Telephone Books
  • Magazines
  • Electric Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, etc.)
  • Plant material (bushes, grass, leaves, etc.)

Recycling of Textiles

The Recycling Department of Guaynabo has a textiles recycling program where containers have been placed in different parts of city for the disposal of: clothing, shoes, bags, ties, coats, towels, sheets, curtains, tablecloths and stuffed animals, among others.

All recycled textile material must be clean, dry and placed in bags before being placed in the recycling containers.

Recycling containers are in the following areas:

    • Municipal Operations Center, Camarones
    • Complejo Deportivo Moisés García, Barrio Mamey Moisés García Sports Complex, Mamey
    • City Hall
    • Multiple Services Center, Guaraguao and Hato Nuevo
    • Recycling Plant
    • Mario Jiménez Court
    • Center for the Elderly, Camarones
    • Yolanda Guerrero Cultural Center
    • José “Pepito” Bonano Park

Keep Guaynabo clean

The Environmental Control Department is in charge of waste management throughout the city following a well-planned itinerary. They dispose of solid waste and eliminate illegal dumpsters.

Informayion: (787) 720-4040 exts. 3203 y 3213


  • Solid waste: twice per week
  • Cleaning and weeding of roads
  • Administración de Cementerios Municipales
  • Pest control and extermination
  • Animal control
  • Septic tank clean up
  • Guaynabo Servicios Ambiente
  • caption


El Departamento de Control Ambiental y Reciclaje

(787) 720-4040
Extensiones: 3213 & 3128

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