Guaynabo City Police

The Municipal Police of Guaynabo is our law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the life and property of the citizens. The city has well trained municipal police officers; they are men and women who enforce the compliance with the law and order. The municipal agents work 24/7 to fight crime, patrolling the streets, avenues, highways, communities, commercial areas and public places. In addition, the force is very well equipped with the most advanced devices. The Traffic Division, the Community Division, the Motorcycle Unit, the Canine Unit, and the Electronic Surveillance Center provide support to our police by ensuring the safety of our residents.

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Our Police Stations

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  • Stations 2
  • Stations 3

Intersection Las Cumbres Ave. and San Ignacio Ave., St. Rd. 199 Los Cátala Area, Frailes

Headed by:

Leutenant II Zuleika León


(787) 720-4040
Extensions: 7061 to 7068


Multiple Services Center
Ramírez de Arellano Ave., Urb. Torrimar

Headed by:

Leutenant II Victor Nieves


(787) 774-9815
(787) 7706-1046

Hato Nuevo

Multiple Services Center
Barrio Hato Nuevo

Headed by:

Teniente I Radamés Alcántara Fontánez


(787) 731-8320
(787) 720-4040
Extension: 5256

Guaynabo Norte

Barrio Amelia

Headed by:

Leutenant I Antonio Colom Rodríguez


(787) 793-2670
(787) 782-7230

Santa Rosa 3

Barrio Santa Rosa 3

Headed by:

Sargent Juan Díaz Díaz


(787) 720-9229
(787) 720-4040
Extensión: 5211


Multiple Services Center, Guaragüao

Headed by:

Leutenant I Radamés Alcántara Fontánez


(787) 287-4823
(787) 287-5132
(787) 720-4040
Extension: 5009

Electronic Surveillance and Command Center

Santos Rivera Pérez Bulding, Urb. Bello Monte

Headed by:

Sargent Angelita Paneto / Officer René Ríos Rivera


(787) 720-4040, (787) 731-5060, (787) 731-5080
Extensions: 7061 to 7068

The Municipal Police and the Office for Emergency Management provide excellent service protecting life and property in Guaynabo.

Medical Emergencies and Health Management

The Department of Medical Emergencies and Health Management, is responsible for the pre-hospital care and hospital transfers within our municipal jurisdiction. Our system is category III (max scale), where our ambulances are considered “mobile emergency rooms”.

The paramedical staff assisting in emergencies is highly qualified and certified, with the ability to care for ill or injured individuals in any situation. In addition we may provide transportation services for medical appointments.

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Our command center is directly connected to the emergency service 9-1-1. Guaynabo is one of the first municipalities to participate in the 911integration program thus further expediting emergency response.

Our Vaccination Program, recognized by the Department of Health, provides care to the pediatric population of our city and surrounding areas.

Emergency Management

The Municipal Emergency Management Office, Disaster Response, Rescue and the Guaynabo Municipal Firefighters protect the life and property of our residents. This emergency response team provides services 24/7. The agency is has locations in three areas of the Guaynabo; the Santos Rivera Perez Building, the Amelia neighborhood and in Hato Nuevo.

The agency provides support during atmospheric or unplanned events helping in the evacuation of citizens that live in unsafe areas or identified as high risk. In addition, it offers assistance in the search and rescue of victims of accidents or missing persons. The agency also provides orientation and conferences on emergency management during hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and others.

This entity manages the program “Emergency Code” which provides assistance to people with special needs who require evacuation services during an emergency by identifying their residential location in advance. To register in the “Emergency Code” program please call (787) 720-2320.

The agency also coordinates the Municipal Operational Emergency Plan, which basically outlines the procedures to be followed in any type of emergency or high risk situation in the city.

Additional Services

  • Provides additional assistance to Medical Emergencies and the Municipal Police in case of an emergency
  • Leads the Municipal Fire Department.
  • Leads a rescue group which follows the guidelines of the National Association of Search and Rescue.
  • Collaborates in tree pruning and cutting.
  • Helps distribute water during emergencies or droughts.
  • Helps in bees control
  • Rescues animals at risk
  • Trains emergency volunteers
  • Offers orientation about emergency management during earthquake, tsunami, fire, hurricane, flooding, home emergency, and other life threatening situations.

Guaynabo City Police

(787) 720-5040
(787) 720-4040
Extensión: 4012

Emergencias Médicas

Para Emergencias: 911
Centro de Mando: (787) 720-8033
(787) 720-4040
Extensión: 3708

Manejo De Emergencias

Centro de Mando: (787) 720-2320
(787) 720-4040
Extensiones: 4030 y 4027

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Guaynabo City Police

(787) 720-5040
(787) 720-4040
Extension: 4012

Medical Emergencies

For Emergencies: 911
Command Center: (787) 720-8033
(787) 720-4040
Extension: 3708

Emergency Management

Command Center: (787) 720-2320
(787) 720-4040
Extensions: 4030 and 4027

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