Santa Rosa y Canta Gallo

The three purple rectangles

They represent Santa Rosa I, II and III.

The fuchsia rectangle

It represents the Canta Gallo neighborhood embracing Santa Rosa I, II and III.

The blue ring

It represents Santa Rosa de Lima’s robe embracing the four neighborhoods.

The seven stars

They represent Santa Rosa de Lima’s highest virtues: faith, hope, peace, love, kindness and charity.


Santa Rosa de Lima

Sculptor: Luis Toruella

The white crossed lines

They represent the stars shining above the community.

The rooster

It represents the Canta Gallo neighborhood. Santa Rosa I, II and III are represented by the three purple roses held by its beak.

Sugar cane

It represents the area’s economic culture in the past.

The blue and white stripes

They represent the rivers and streams that remain an important natural resource.

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