Museum of Music

The museum will be located in the oldest community school, Roman Baldorioty de Castro, one of the founding fathers of Guaynabo. It will be named after Rafael Ithier, owner and director of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, who was brought up in that school.

Inside the Museum you will find exhibition rooms that will showcase the different types of music: salsa, trio ballad, and folkloric. Also, there will be areas where visitors can listen to music and watch videos of the past and present.

  • Museo de la Musica Guaynabo 1
  • Museo de la Musica Guaynabo-2


The museum’s opening has been planned for August 2016, and will merge traditional elements of museums with exhibitions created using the most advanced technology. It will house collections in audio, video and paper linked to the most significant artists of Puerto Rican music.

The Museum will feature eight rooms: six for exhibitions, one projection and one for traveling exhibitions. The Rafael Ithier and El Gran Combo Hall is the space that will feature the successful career of the group since it was founded, 53 years ago. Artists of indigenous music, classical, romantic, tropical and contemporary will also have their showroom. Also, musical instruments and their descriptions will have another space.

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