Youth Services Office

The Youth Services Office is part of the Department of the Family and it offers services to young people between the ages of 14 to 25 years. Our goal is to provide tools that contribute to their social and personal development and to help them pave their way to a successful future.


The Youth Services Office offers a range of services to help young people conquer and move forward in their academic performance.

  • School lectures and presentations about the university process, social issues and prevention programs.
  • Student guided tours to universities and vocational institutes.
  • Educational fairs at the Mario “Quijote” Morales Sports Complex where graduation candidates from public schools and colleges, are invited to participate and interact with various educational institutions academic staff.
  • Mayor’s award to recognize the top three scoring students from Guaynabo Public Schools on the College Entrance Examination Board.
  • School vouchers: to help Guaynabo parents with their “back to school” uniform purchases.
  • Municipal scholarships to outstanding students from third to twelfth grade.
  • “Fabulous for your Prom (Regia para tu prom)” program: designed to provide prom dresses, shoes and accessories to graduating students in middle and high school. Guaynabo businesses and residents, along with the Youth Services Office, help collect donations throughout the year to be delivered during graduation time.
  • Financial contribution to Guaynabo public schools senior classes for their graduation activities.
  • Educational and cultural trips to graduating seniors from Guaynabo public schools. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 during the first semester of their last school year.

Summer employment:

Starts in April
  • Saturday workshops during April for Senior students from public schools. Workshops to provide the tools necessary for their transition to college life. Upon completion, students are given a financial contribution for their graduation expenses.
  • Summer employment opportunities for college students.
  • Summer employment opportunities for high school Juniors and Seniors.
Sra. Brenda Rodríguez – Administradora General


P.O. Box 7885
Guaynabo, PR 00970


Extensión: 2133

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Sra. Brenda Rodríguez – General Administrator


P.O. Box 7885
Guaynabo, PR 00970


Extension: 2133

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