Symbolizes great economic wealth


The color that represents monks and friars

Yellow and white

The colors that represent Christianity


The color that symbolizes natural resources

The cross

Symbol of Christianity, faith, principle and respect. It represents the sense of humanity and humility that was taught to all locals by the friars.

The yellow, gold and white mosaic

It symbolizes the different estates with their majestic entrances and roads that traveled by the farmers, where everything becomes one family with one mission.

The fine wavy stripes

Representative of the observatory where tests were performed to measure earthquakes intensity.

The large stripe

It represents the Guaynabo River and their water plant, which is important and vital for all the locals. It provides a sense of progress in the area.

The green palm trees

Symbol of the rich natural resources of the area and a fundamental part of their wealth.


Guajana al Viento

Sculptor: Heriberto Nieves

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