It represents the blue color of the river, where the Indians used to go fishing.


It represents the green vegetation of the countryside.

Blue stripe – (Center stripe)

It represents the Camarones River.

Northern lake (top part of the stripe)

It represents the area of Camarones Centro.

Southern lake (bottom part of the stripe)

It represents the Camarones road.


Camarón Azul

Sculptor: Carlos I. Guzmán


The guitar represents the musical culture of the area, where great musicians were born, such as: Juan Pablo Rosario (El Papá de los Cantores), the Morales brothers Ramito, Moralito, Luisito and Casito, great folk singers. Also, Ángel Alfonso Cruz “Alfonsillo”, musician and folk Singer; Vitín Cruz “El Canario”, Alfonsillo’s brother and great folk singer; Toño León, folk singer and performer of Plena; Willie Berrios and Elvis Crespo, world known Merengue music interpreters.

Shrimp and fish

The shrimp and the fish represent the nourishment and source of income of the families in the old times, when there used to be large amounts of shrimp in the river (hence the name of the river). Fishing (fish) was a way to provide food for the neighborhood families and it symbolizes the natural abundance of those times.

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